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Get the most out of your mobile devices!
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E-Readers, AudioBooks & Music:

Click here to access the NAXOS spoken word library for audiobooks. (You will need a BCCLS public library card)

Click here to access the NAXOS music library (You will need a BCCLS public library card)

Convert PDFs, word documents etc... into Mobi and ePub formats (Kindle & Nook eBook formats):

Convert webpage content to Mobi or ePub formats (Kindle & Nook eBook formats):

View the classics for free on your iPad. Download the Free Books app.

-To set up the EBSCOhost app on your device, please following these steps:
1) Install the app on your device using the above link
2) After installing the app, visit the EBSCOhost database page (you may have to log in with our school username & password if you aren't at school)
3) Go to the bottom of the EBSCOhost database page and click on EBSCOhost iphone and Android applications
4) Enter your e-mail address & wait for the authentication e-mail
5) Open the e-mail on the device you wish to authenticate the app on, click on the link in your e-mail
6) You should be set!
Citing Sources & Creating Bibliographies:

  • EasyBib - scan a book's barcode or enter the title, choose which format you would like (MLA, ALA) and then e-mail your citation to your EasyBib account. Available on Android devices, iPads or iPhones. See Ms. R for the "coupon code" to get additional features.

Keep Up With the News:

  • NY Times (apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Blackberry, Android devices &  Windows Phone, download Times Reader 2.0 for use on computers & additional mobile devices) *The free version will show you only select sections of the paper
Check out the following apps which allow you to read news stories in a magazine type format & post them to your favorite social-networking sites:
  • Google Currents (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad iOS 4 or later, Android 2.2 or later)
  • Flipboard (iPhone 3GS & up, iPod touch 3 or later & iPad - all iOS 4 or later) *includes a tool for collecting & analyzing material for research
  • Pulse (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad iOS 4 or later, Android 2.1 or later)
  • Zite (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad, iOS 4 or later) *give articles thumbs up or down to help Zite learn what kinds of articles you're interested in seeing
Just for Fun:
  • Library of Congress Virtual Tour
  • Google Goggles - an app for Android & iPhone platforms, snap a picture of an object & learn additional information
  • Wikitude - Point your phones camera at buildings & other objects and get web content related to what you're looking at
  • Historypin - view historical images over a map of your location
  • ZooBurst - make 3D pop-up books (basic version is free & allows for creation of 10 page stories)
Useful Stuff:
  • edmodo (app for android devices & iPhone)
  • FirstClass e-mail (your NVNET e-mail) - iPad & iPhone version or Android version
  • Haiku Deck - presentation software which includes an image search
  • Penultimate - use a stylus to create a digital notebook of notes and drawings. Pages can be arranged in any order. Use outlines to create slides.
  • PowerSchool (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad - all iOS 4.0 or later) Student Version or Parent Version
  • PowerTeacher (iPad)
  • Slide Rocket Player - will play powerpoints or Slide Rocket presentations.
  • Study Hall - share information & study with friends. Apps on certain devices are currently for viewing only, but content can be edited online. (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch & Android)

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